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Regular monthly massage provides therapeutic relief to people of all ages and all walks of life, from the competitive athlete to the home gardener to the over-stressed business person.

Enjoying massage therapy can address a variety of health conditions, the most prevalent being stress-related tension. Massage may additionally offer certain benefits in treating high blood pressure, lower back pain, post-operative care, arthritis and depression.

Swedish Massage

This is the root technique for most types of massage. Swedish massage uses primarily slow and rhythmic movements over the entire body to manipulate the soft tissues.  The massage therapist will use a variety of strokes to elongate muscles and tendons causing them to feel relaxed and less likely to sustain an injury due to being tight.  Other than very light or feather strokes, all massage strokes are centripetal, following the flow of blood toward the heart.  There are numerous benefits to this type of massage including pain reduction, relaxation, release of toxins, and increased circulation and oxygen flow.


60   Min. $100
90   Min. $150
120 Min. $200


Deep Tissue Massage

This is a form of Swedish massage which aims to go deeper into the muscle and target muscles that are not directly under the skin. It is usually used on clients who have serious chronic pain and need the breakdown of adhesions for relief.  There can be some discomfort with this type of massage due to the pressure used on muscles and tendons.  Always tell your massage therapist if the pressure becomes too uncomfortable for you during your session. My deep tissue massage includes bio freeze which penetrates deep inside the muscles providing a cooling sensation to relieve strained muscles.


60   min. $100
90   min. $150
120 min. $200


Prenatal Massage

This modality is also rooted in Swedish massage with special considerations for pregnant women.  Pillows are used to make sure the clients’ head, neck and shoulders are elevated so she is never laying flat on her back as to not put pressure on the vena cava decreasing blood flow. During this massage the side lying position is also used with pillows for the clients comfort. Prenatal massage can help with common pregnancy ailments such as edema, insomnia, headaches, and body aches. It is suggested that women not do massage during the first trimester due to increased chance of miscarriage during that period.


60 min. $120
90 min. $170


Sports Massage

This type of massage is a great benefit for athletes or highly physically active people. Stretching and loosening muscles, ligaments, and joints that are often used during physical activity are the main focus in this massage to decrease the risk of injury during sports activities. Clients are often asked to participate in resistance strengthening and range of motion (ROM) during the session to better strengthen their body.


60   min. $100
90   min. $150
120 min. $200


Spot Massage

This is a term I’ve coined to describe a massage given to one part or area of the body.  If you are having a problem area and only want massage there then a spot massage is what you want. The entire massage is concentrated on the body part you’ve specified to give you relief of your ailment.  Again this massage is limited to only one part of the body, i.e. back, legs, feet, head, neck etc…


30 min. $55

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Chair Massage

This type of massage is performed on an individual in a specially designed massage chair. The massage chair makes the clients’ neck, shoulders, and back easily accessible for the therapist. This type of massage is done with the clients’ clothes on and without oil, usually lasting between 5 and 15 minutes per person. This is a great way to get a quick rejuvenation and reduce stress. Perfect for parties, functions, and cooperate appreciation initiatives.


(Up to 8 participants in an hour.)